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Thinking Outside the Box: Giving Cause Marketing a Try

It is always a good time to refresh your advertising strategy and come up with something that is new and innovative for your brand. When the same old advertising techniques grow stale, your company can benefit from a refresh and something that is top of mind for customers in today’s society. Consumers are increasingly becoming attentive to what a brand is doing to assess societal concerns around them. They no longer just care about the product itself, they are heavily influenced by a brand’s reputation and this includes the kind of positive impact they have on their community.

This is where cause marketing comes in. A type of marketing campaign put in place to both increase brand profits and better society or the surrounding community. These campaigns are highly valuable because they allow you to reach potential customers from a different angle, as well as improving the reputation of your brand.

Recently we assisted Sunroad Auto Group in implementing their first cause marketing campaign - Unsung Heroes. The campaign was aimed at recognizing commending individuals in the San Diego community that had gone above and beyond to help their neighbors throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic and deserved some extra recognition. 9 nominees would finally be selected to go on to win a three-year lease from one of the Sunroad dealerships.

Advertising Materials for the Unsung Heroes Campaign

This campaign was executed through several different media channels and began in June 2020 when we began circulating advertising materials asking for nominations of San Diego residents.

The first media step we took was partnering with local radio and television stations that would ask for nominations on air, and even proceeded to read some of the nominations once they began to roll in. Media coverage then culminated with the winners being announced live on-air and their reactions recorded. Their genuine reactions and excitement added to the success of this campaign, as consumers enjoy watching real people in the media they view - people that are reflections of themselves.

Additionally, this campaign yielded great social media content for Sunroad’s page, as well as content for the individual dealerships to post on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. The videos and photos of the winners being presented their cars were a perfect representation of the campaign and helped the social media audience feel a sense of connection with the brand. The social media posts were also a way for Sunroad to bring hope to the surrounding community in a time where people are bombarded with bad news.

Kearny Mesa Subaru's Honoree, Susan Working

BMW of El Cajon's Honoree, Pamela Mosteller

The Sunroad Unsung Heroes campaign was a prime example of how refreshing your advertising techniques and seizing a new opportunity can yield an immense, positive return. A healthy balance of consistency and fresh ideas once in a while will give your brand the ability to remain relevant and interesting. The power of impactful story-telling with cause marketing campaigns are an undeniably effective approach to boost your brand’s reputation and greater social-standing. What made the Unsung Heroes campaign successful was its recognition of Sunroad’s social responsibility to serve the community where they reside - to give back and pay forward the unseen kindness of their neighbors.


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