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Advertising 101: The 360 Approach

Victoria Martinez, Account Executive

One of the phrases that I hear most often from clients is “I want to own this station” or “I want to own digital and impression share in my area”.

As much as that sounds like an amazing idea; businesses tend to act out of frustration when seeing so many of their competitors’ commercials and then spend more money to be able to “own” that station. I mean who doesn’t want to own an entire TV or radio station and see your commercial all the time.

But, what if I am exactly who you want to advertise to. I’m your ideal customer, but I don’t watch that TV station that you want to be on 24/7. Instead I only listen to radio on my drive to work for 45 minutes and I don’t even watch traditional television, I’m a cord cutter. Instead, you took your radio buy and cut in half. So, you lost most of your morning drive spots or you completely abandoned your radio buy and spent all your advertising dollars on one station. I would never know about your business and even when I am searching for your product I don’t click on your paid ad because I have never heard of your business. Instead, I’m going to click on your competitor that I hear on Pandora because I know of them.

Advertising to the ideal customer

Reaching audiences through traditional media is still important

If you look at most successful brands they don’t spend all their money on one specific medium, let alone one station. They have realized, after testing, that to reach the masses or even to reach a targeted demo they need to have a sound advertising strategy that spends dollars on more than one station and even more than one form of media. For example, Coca-Cola and P&G, recently went back to spending more on traditional media after increasing their spend to digital. After cutting their digital presence, they reallocated back into TV and radio so they can reach their audience there as well.

A complete advertising agency is one that covers all forms of media

At R2 Media Inc, we recommend that all businesses take the 360 approach and create a complete advertising strategy that covers all forms of media. With technology now being a major aspect of how we consume media there are more choices than ever before. Not everyone consumes media the same way. Spending all your money on one station or even one medium, you’re just targeting the same small group of people over and over… and that’s it.

If you decide to spend your advertising dollars across more than one medium you can ensure that you are getting your message to a larger percentage of your target audience. This will help increase your organic and direct sessions on your website, and help increase your bottom line.

Now THAT, is how advertising is done.

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