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R2 Media’s 2022 Year In Review: A New Approach, A New Logo, And A New Expansive Footprint

R2 Media had an incredible 2022 — perhaps its best year ever. It was a transformative year for the agency, as we saw every challenge that came our way in 2020 and 2021 as an opportunity for us to advance our cause in 2022. We put a lot of thought into every aspect of our business — we spent our days thinking strategically and acting tactically. In some instances we maintained the mission, in other instances we reworked the plan and pivoted. There are struggles in every good business, and we had our share of them with the pandemic and the effects the pandemic had on our business. But our team came together around a common purpose and, most interesting, the process of 'coming together' around renewed purpose actually made us a better and stronger team.

As stated in the headline above, R2 Media has a new logo. While our new logo is similar to the old one — and might be described by some as a subtle tweak — the new logo, with tagline "Real-Time Results" makes clear the new, tech-forward approach we are bringing to our business each day. So how did our new approach manifest itself in 2022? In January 2022, R2 Media formed a Media Innovations Group inside the company. The workgroup was tasked with the strategic and tactical decisioning around R2 Media’s ad tech solutions. The group brought countless solutions to R2 Media’s suite of services, including a refined-approach to targeting across the evolving media landscape. Specifically, the Media Innovations Group helped us…

  • Do more with 1st party data than ever before. This initiative was perfectly timed, as changes in the ecosystem made 1st party data — and people-based identifiers — the single most important targeting tool for today’s marketer. The importance of 1st party data was necessitated by the need for multi-device identifiers to connect marketers with people on all platforms, including Connected TV, Streaming Audio and Digital platforms.

  • Do more with household targeting than ever before. This initiative enabled us to reach multiple people inside a home on multiple devices, including TVs, laptops and computers, mobile devices, even smart speakers. The Household ‘graph’ allows for multi-targeting, when two or more people are involved in a purchase decision — like when a husband and wife are shopping for a new car. The household graph also allows us to better manage reach and frequency across campaigns and flights.

  • In-house more of our media buying process. Having ‘hands on keyboard’ inside the agency, allows for a 24/7/365 solution for our Connected TV, Streaming Audio and Digital Display clients that advertise on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV+, Roku, Spotify, Pandora, and other Connected TV and Streaming Audio services. Our 365-day, round-the-clock solution enables our staffers to make last minute, weekend campaign adjustments for our marketing partners.

In other company news, 2022 found R2 Media embracing the ‘hybrid’ work model — the flexible approach that combines working in an office environment and working from home. We were enamored by the approach because of the effect it has on an improved work-life balance for employees. We were sold on the approach because of the effect it has on productivity and employee engagement on the job. Another significant benefit of the hybrid work model is that it broadens the talent pool for an organization, enabling companies to hire more people with specialized skills. This fact allowed for the buildout of R2 Media’s team in the nine-county, San Francisco Bay Area, as well as an expansion of our business into the mid-America market with a new branch in Omaha, Nebraska.

2022 was an incredible year for R2 Media. The inroads the agency made this past year were all foundational and can all be built upon; they will set the stage for an exciting and strong 2023, no doubt. So, stay tuned!


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