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Maxx Mailers: A 360 Approach

Out of the countless marketing tactics a business can consider, Maxx Mailers are the persistent trojan horse that has the capability to yield an increase in revenue when done properly. Five components work together in a sequential process to capture the attention of your consumers and repetitively drive your message home. When executed properly, a Maxx Mailer can generate heavy amounts of traffic and sales for your company. Today we’re going to walk through the 5 steps of a Maxx Mailer campaign and tips for success at each one.

To start, you obviously need to send out a direct mail piece. Your direct mail piece should be eye-catching visually, but it is important to keep your message simple and clear so it does not get buried in other elements. Associating your mailer with a holiday can lead to increased success since shopping is more likely, and can allow easy theming for your mail piece. It is also of paramount importance to make the mail pieces seem personalized. You want your customer to feel like they are being invited to something exclusive and using their name in your message will increase the connection. In the same vein, it should seem personalized from your end as well. Make the message on the mail piece read like a personalized letter from the acting manager or company founder so the customer again senses the exclusivity of your sales event. The personal touch will surely drive the customer to feel compelled to find out more about what you are offering.

The next step you will want to prepare for is your Facebook campaign. You will need to create a simple Facebook Display Ad that is targeted to the same custom audience that you have mailed your mail piece out to. The creative for your Facebook ad should absolutely match the theming of your mail piece for consistency. I would recommend that this Facebook advertisement runs from the day your mail piece is expected to arrive in homes, until the day your event or sale is ending. This Facebook campaign will serve as the first line of reinforcement for mailer strategy. Your customer will have recently opened their mail piece, and now the next time they scroll Facebook they will be served this ad and your sales event will return to top of mind.

Following your Facebook campaign, you will want to get set up for an email blast. This email blast will once again go out to the same list of customers that received your mail piece, provided their email address was in your customer data. This email blast is the third piece of creative that you should make consistent with both the mail piece and Facebook campaign in terms of theming and message. In your email you should utilize their name once again so it feels personalized and don’t underestimate the importance of an intriguing subject line, so you get them to open the email in the first place. Avoid words in your email blast that may trigger spam filters (read all about it in our previous blog here). The email blast is the beginning of your contact follow-ups to keep your sales event relevant and consistently remind your customer base what they should take advantage of.

Finally, you will finish off the campaign with phone communication. These phone communications will come in three different forms: Outbound calls, Ringless Voicemails, and Text Messages. Starting with the outbound calls, it is ideal for this campaign to take place in the evening when people are no longer at work, so we recommend starting this campaign no earlier than 4:00pm. These outbound calls will allow customers to live-transfer directly to your sales line and make appointments or place orders over the phone, thus driving sales. Naturally you will not be able to reach everyone through these outbound calls, so the following day the remaining customers should receive Ringless Voicemails. While less effective, these voicemails will still reinforce the message to your customers and allow them to conveniently call back if they are interested. Because the voicemails are stored in the customer’s voicemail inbox, they will catch those that prefer to review the information on their own time instead of being instantly transferred upon initial contact.

Once all customers have received a call of some sort, your final step will be the texting campaign. These days, most people are far more comfortable communicating in the form of email or text, rather than over the phone, so this text campaign is your final push for driving those sales or appointments. Your text message must walk a fine line between being short and simple while presenting as much information as possible to urge them to contact you. These leads are invaluable to your campaign and you don’t want to take the chance of any of them being confused or uninterested in your message. Since this will be your final move to reel in the last group that usually generates the most leads, it’s imperative that you remain diligent in following up with everyone contacting for more information. Don’t let anyone fall through the cracks.

And with that, you did it! Your Maxx Mailer is complete and I’m sure you’ve generated quite a few leads and even sales along the way. A Maxx Mailer is definitely an in depth and time consuming process to undertake, but there are not many strategies out there that are as effective with lead generation. The reinforcement of the same message through multiple channels keeps it fresh in your customer’s head and increases the likelihood that they will take action eventually. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!


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