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How to Ramp Up Your Holiday Advertising Campaigns

We’re quickly approaching a holiday weekend, and we’re coming up on not one, but two holidays! With Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day both around the corner, you are probably wondering what the best ways are to stand out from the vast amounts of advertising that will be bombarding potential customers this week. We’ll start out with some general tips about Holiday advertising, and then dive deeper into individual Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day tips.

Advertising around shopping heavy holidays is so important to your brand because you must stand out from the crowd, while capitalizing on the increased consumption. Here are some general tips for success:

  1. Sense of Urgency - Creating a sense of urgency in your ad copy is super important to driving sales. Even if your sale runs through the end of the month, you want customers to think that time is of the essence. You can include phrases like “This Weekend Only” or “Hurry Before It’s Too Late” in your headlines. Additionally you can create a timer on your site that creates urgency in your customer while they are browsing.

  2. Play on the shopping ‘Misery’ - Many consumers hate the holiday season when they have to spend ample time and money shopping for gifts. You can use this misery to draw people into your company by appearing as the answer to their problems. When you present yourself as the simple solution to their problem, they will be inclined to purchase from you so they no longer have to stress. By providing easy and stress-free online shopping, you are the hero to the customer and they will be likely to make a purchase.

  3. Budget Management - It is essential that you pay close attention to your budget during these peak holiday shopping times. The final shopping days before a holiday will be jam packed with last minute shoppers, so this is the perfect time to push your ad with a hefty budget to draw in as many of these shoppers as possible.

Valentine’s Day Strategy

Love is in the air and emotions are heightened. Valentine’s Day provides a great way to connect with your consumers on a more personal level and appeal to their humanity. Think of the most heartwarming advertisements you’ve seen around Valentine’s Day and how warm it made you feel. That’s exactly the emotional message you’re going to want to run with for your own ads. Valentine’s Day is a small holiday that can create a big impact with your messaging. Pulling at the heartstrings and building a connection with your audience are essential in keeping your brand top of mind by producing memorable advertisements.

Valentine’s Gift Guides are also a great way to create content for your brand, while also driving sales of your products. You can easily put together a blog style guide or use the guide tool within Instagram of your different products and who they would be the perfect gift for. People are always looking for a way to make their shopping easier, and a gift guide with embedded swipe-up links is the epitome of ease.

Presidents’ Day Strategy

Presidents’ Day is an unassuming holiday that packs a big punch when it comes to advertising. It sneaks up on you right after the Thanksgiving and Christmas season and suddenly the “big holiday” savings advertisements are in your periphery once more. So how can you advertise while not fatiguing your consumers with the same countless Presidents’ Day themes as your competitors? We all know the messages are generally the same - huge holiday savings or some of the biggest deals of the year. One way to avoid being lost among a sea of offers is to optimize your email subject lines to make yourself stand out. Everyone already knows there are Presidents’ Day savings attached to every single email in their inbox - what makes yours worth viewing? What specific special offers cannot be missed? Including a specific draw within your subject line will intrigue your potential customers and help your eBlast avoid the Trash.

We wish you luck in all of your holiday advertising campaigns this week, and hope these tips can help you elevate your strategy!


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