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2023 Begins With A High-Tech Rebrand And Website For R2 Media

In need of a rebrand that showcased our high quality and specialties, the R2 Media team got busy late last year. We worked to shed misconceptions with a utilitarian rebrand and new logo and website. The rebrand, that debuts this week, reflects quality and our high-tech specialization in marketing and advertising across key verticals like automotive, retail, and in the fast food and quick serve restaurant markets. R2 Media has evolved so much since our last rebrand. We’ve grown in headcount, capabilities, and within the B2B tech space. A brand should reflect its people and it was time to reflect who we are right now – and our expertise as an advertising agency.

Our Challenge: Over R2 Media’s lifetime, the company has evolved and our brand needed to better reflect our progression to our position as a market leader in marketing and advertising. The rebrand needed to shed misconceptions and highlight the R2 Media reality of our high-tech identity and core brand attributes – expertise, creativity, precision and flexibility.

Our Approach: The utilitarian rebrand started with getting to know ourselves a bit better. By better understanding our company, our mission, and our vision, we were better able to choose the creative expressions that support each of these elements. After interviews with team members, we shaped our bold brand with a detailed, lively site filled with flexible UI and cutting-edge design. We used bold shapes, colors, and animations to give movement, provide wayfinding, and create a brand that is brave and innovative, not predictable and conventional. You’ll see ratio circles, line shapes, grids, and more that speak to the company’s technology and mathematical accuracy. Secondary imagery highlights R2 Media’s focus on people and quality workforce to share the balance between expert technology and expert employees.

Our result: By rebranding, we were able to create a refined brand strategy and expression to illustrate where R2 Media is now and where it is going in the future. The website is filled with fresh copy, content, and design that shows the flexible, dynamic, and bold new R2 Media. The website can also now be used as a valuable sales tool for the R2 Media team to share previous successes and future possibilities.

Overall, the brand development repositioned R2 Media in a way we want to be seen – as a strategic partner to our clients and expert for marketing and advertising initiatives.


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